About Us

Ginni's World is a curated home decor and lifestyle store by me, Ginni.

Moving to the US came with its own set of challenges. I never thought I would miss the littlest things of life in India. Be it the street food near my college - the small cups of chai & hot maggi or the Bollywood movies & songs to which we always partied to. Even finding a place within a 50 miles radius for threading was a challenge for this brown woman in a new country.

Trying to bridge the gap between our heritage, our culture and our life here is what inspired me to start this small business - Something Indian with a Modern Western twist. To create something meaningful, unique, fun and modern which any American Desi can identify with was the vision which brought Ginni's World to life.

The response and the love from all of you was so amazing that I have now introduced custom engraved gifts for you, your home and your loved ones. 

As a small business owner, I am indeed appreciative and grateful for every single order - be it a simple keychain or a bulk order of cutting boards. Thank you for your continued support and love.