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Recipe Board
Recipe Board
Recipe Board
Recipe Board
Recipe Board

Recipe Board

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For generations our grandmothers and mothers have given us their treasured recipes... a pinch of something, handful of the other. The measurements may not be exact... eyeballing is the way to go, right?

Even if we can't replicate their flavors and taste, we can always preserve a piece of them in our homes and kitchens.

A handwritten recipe from your grandparents, parents or a special someone. Engraved on a board to last forever. Pass down these heirlooms to your family and maybe even some special friends. A gift of pure love.

All you need is to send me a clear picture and I can help create your special gift.


Dimensions of the board (approximately) :

Medium Light Board : 13.5 x 7.5 inches (including handle)

Large Light Board : 18 x 8 inches (including handle)

Small Dark Board : 10 x 5 inch (including handle)

Picture information :

Email the picture of the recipe AND the order number to

Files should be saved in JPG or PNG format

Please take a clear picture of the recipes, preferably with no shadows.

If the recipe is in two parts -please name the files accordingly as part 1 and part 2. We will combine the recipe accordingly and engrave it.


Color And Board Variations:

Home Decor Item Only

Engraving of the recipe will be done on one side of the board. The other side is blank.

Option to get logo or family name engraved at additional cost.

Each board is handcrafted using natural wood which has then been engraved using laser. Since no wood piece is alike, there will be a slight variation in colors through the design. 

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